Georgian Wines Presented at Local Restaurant Chama Mama in New York

At the event held at the Georgian restaurant "Chama Mama" in New York, 120 Georgian wines were presented by 10 local importers, which are already successfully sold in the US market.

Meet The French Investor who Planted Table Grapes in Sartichala

Last year, French investor Jacques Flourier, who has been based in Georgia for 25 years, planted table grape vineyards in Sartichala, a 30-minute drive from Tbilisi.

Tamada Club Established to Promote Georgian Culture in Japan

In order to popularize Georgian culture in Japan, at the initiative of the Embassy of Georgia, the club "Tamada" was established, which currently has more than 500 members.

Semi-Sparkling Jujuna Wine Enters Japanese Market

The company was able to enter the Japanese market with the support of the agency "Produce in Georgia" and the Embassy of Georgia in Japan.

Georgian Wine Going Global - 72.5 Million Bottles and 60 Countries within 9 Months

Revenue from wine exported from Georgia in January-September this year reached 168 million US dollars, which is 11% more than the same period last year, and the amount of wine exported increased by 12%.

Georgian Grey Winery’s Blue Wine KESANE Goes to Japan

George Grey Winery launched the production of blue wine KESANE amid the pandemic in 2021. Despite the harsh times in the business sector, Georgia Grey Winery bottled blue Wine KESANE by the combination of white and black grapes.

60 Samples of Georgian Wines Presented in Washington DC with the Potential to Export

Georgian wine tasting was held for importers, wine professionals, media, restaurant and trade chains at one of the famous Michelin star restaurants in Washington, DC.

Racha Getting Ready for Vintage from First Half of October

Protecting the varietal accuracy and quality assurance of Khvanchkara PDO wine is one of the most important priority directions of the National Wine Agency.

Almost Half of the Grape Harvest in Kakheti is Already Settled

As of September 17, up to 130,000 tons of grapes have been processed in Kakheti, which is about 50% of the forecast crop and is twice as much as in the same period last year.