Posted: 1 month ago

Giorgi Gvilava Wood Accessories Plans to Expand the Sales

Accessories brand Giorgi Gvilava Wood Accessories plans to expand the sales. 

Georgian brand offers its customers wooden accessories and jewelry, most of which are decorated with enamel.

"At first, pandemic confused us, however, we soon found wats that led to active online sales. We have also become active in terms of international sales. Currently, we have an online store on Etsy. We are going to place the products on other online platforms. We just registered our company on eBay and we will launch the products there soon. In the near future, our brand will appear on Amazon.", noted Giorgi Gvilava.


Negotiations are underway with several stores so that the customers can examine Giorgi Gvilava's wooden accessories on-site.

The company entered the market 5 years ago.