Posted: 1 month ago
Author: Nina Gomarteli

Breakfast in Tbilisi - Our Favorite Places to Start a Day with Healthy Meal

It’s important to break the fast in a nice atmosphere. Head to our favorite spots for breakfast in Tbilisi and you’ll see why we like it. These are the places to take your energy shots, have specialty coffee, and healthy meals. 


This is one of Tbilisi's few good breakfast restaurants located on a nice, quiet street in Vake. Make sure you try the outstanding eggs Benedict, cottage cheese pancakes, or the restaurant's specialty dish, Kikliko, made from fried bread and eggs and comes in a variety of wonderful flavors.

Coffee Lab

Everyone likes waking up to the scent of coffee, needless to say, Coffee Lab is a place for that. I would say, it’s a non-official co-working place, where you see a laptop almost on every table, so if you need to try a wide range of coffees, a quiet place and staying productive, I would suggest you visit Coffee Lab. 

Cafe Stamba

The cafe offers an avant-garde take on the country’s classic dishes alongside modern international cuisine. You can enjoy a slow morning and a variety of dishes everyday from 8am to 11am, except weekends, unless you’re staying at Stamba Hotel. If you’re in a hurry, you can always make a quick stop at the takeaway window. 

Lui Coffee

Lui Coffee is the place to go if you have a sweet tooth. Lui Coffee, located near Mziuri Park in the heart of Tbilisi, serves specialty coffee, excellent paninis, and homemade pastry. Lui Coffee stands out because of its extensive menu.

Ska Juice Bar 

Ska Juice Bar has five branches in different districts, so you can always choose the most convenient one for you. Here you can start a day taking energy shots or healthy juices. 


Entree is a pioneer of breakfast spots in Tbilisi. You can have a healthy breakfast from 8am every day at their cafe, or take away freshly prepared natural food. Entree is a bakery chain that you can find in almost any district of Tbilisi.