Nina Gomarteli

Theneo Aims to Provide Businesses with Same Quality API Doc as Big Tech Companies Have

Theneo is an AI-driven tool for creating high-quality, beautiful, and interactive API documentation.

Petite's Vintage Style Fashion Straight from Fairy Tales

Petite's main appeal and beauty are the well chosen colors and vintage style, very simple yet unique design that sets it apart from others.

Artist Behind Tbilisi’s Biggest Mural Shows People Beauty of Weakness

Tbilisi Mural Fest took the initiative when it was time for an intervention and brought together world-renowned and local professional street artists. This is how we meet Dutch artist Judith de Leeuw.

Meet The Founders of Bubbler App- Platform that Connects and Transforms Lives of College Students

Bubbler is a location-based platform that aims to enable college students to find and connect with friends of interest through sharing personal activities.

Going Thrifting in Tbilisi: The Best Vintage Shops in the Town

Nothing beats the thrill of discovering that one-of-a-kind retro garment that no one else has. We've hand-picked 6 vintage stores in Tbilisi and we hope you’ll enjoy visiting them.

Ideas for Halloween Costumes to Dress Up as Georgian Characters

No matter where we go, we won't be the only Harley Queen, Joker, Squid Game character, cat or an easy nurse.

Lampino Turns Tbilisi's Historical Buildings Into Decorative Lamps

''I am an art critic by education, therefore knowledge, and a special love for old Tbilisi and Georgian architecture, in general, help me to implement ideas correctly.''

Ensofy Monitors Mental Health of Your Employees Using Artificial Intelligence

About 1 year ago Irakli Lezhava and Iveri Prangishvili created a mental health platform with psychotherapists. The platform enabled organizations and employers to take care of the mental health of their employees.

Lamaziko- Korean Cosmetics Brand That Uses Georgian Kvevri Wine as Its Ingredient

The Korean cosmetics brand "Lamaziko" is made using 23-year-old Georgian Kvevri wine. The Korean company has been interested in Georgian wine since 2013, when Georgian wine was included to the UNESCO World Heritage List.