Posted: 1 year ago

Turkey Continues to Expand Istanbul Airport Despite the Covid-19 Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey continues to expand Istanbul Airport. At this time, the fifth runway of the airport is being built.

The aircraft will be able to use this route from June 18, which will reduce the flight time of the aircraft by 50% before take-off.

At the moment, Istanbul Airport is served by 4 take-off /landing lanes located on the side of the terminals. Against this background, domestic flights may even take half an hour to travel to the airport, which in turn increases the costs for airlines.

After the construction of the new take-off/landing strip, the number of taking off and landing planes will increase from 80 to 130 per hour.

It is also noteworthy that out of 4 runways of the airport, 2 trails serve regular flights. 2 trails are the backup infrastructure.