Posted: 1 month ago

TAV Georgia Holds Negotiations with Thai Airways and Saudia

Currently, 19 airlines operate at Batumi International Airport. According to the general manager of TAV Georgia, 8-9 airlines are expected to remain on the market after the summer navigation season will be ended.

"This is the data we have at the moment, but it can change. Negotiations are underway to increase frequencies with existing airlines, as well as with new airlines that may enter Tbilisi and Batumi international airports. During the winter season, airlines reduce the frequencies of flights or leave the market, especially in Batumi. We keep more airlines in Tbilisi, but it is expected that they will reduce the frequencies of flights.", noted Tea Zakaradze.

As for the new air companies, TAV Georgia holds negotiations with several airlines, including Thai Airways, which left the market because of the pandemic and Saudi Arabia Airlines.

TAV Georgia offers benefits and discounts to airlines, as the sector has suffered the most due to the pandemic. Therefore, as Tea Zakaradze states, the company takes into account their situation and does everything possible to ensure that the airlines enter or stay on the market.