Posted: 1 month ago

Elma Cosmetics: We Create Products that Everyone Wants and Needs

''It all started with the question: What does any person need in daily life? What is available to any person? What could be the highlight of your nature?''-says Mako Makharoblidze, founder of Elma Cosmetics company in an interview with CBW. We asked her how she started Elma Cosmetics and what motivated you to create your product line in spite of the huge selection of cosmetics in the market:

To be special you have to love what you create. Also create what everyone wants, needs, and feels special. In order to be special and presentable, you need to be confident, self-confidence comes from what makes you feel special and natural. This chain even creates the products that Elma creates.

The idea for soap production was born. Soap is what every person needs on a daily basis. Soap production is such a wide field that you can fit people of any taste. Any skin type.

In a pandemic, all people asked themselves one question. What can I do in a pandemic to not stop and do something useful for the community? That was my inspiration too. I did restart my approach, thinking, and purpose. Which showed me my own purpose and need. The biggest barrier I overcame was establishing myself (which continues to this day) and a skeptical audience that did not trust the new company. It is very difficult to gain trust, but with selfless labor, the company was able to overcome this obstacle. I try to reach everyone through social networks.

Compared to mainstream cosmetics, what do you think are the biggest challenges in creating natural cosmetics?

The whole world is switched to creating natural products and looking for ways to use natural products so as not to harm nature as well. This is the path I have chosen. This is what distinguishes products made from natural (organic) ingredients from basic or general production.

At this stage, the company Elma is already Ltd. and produces up to 20 products in the field of women and men. I wanted to learn about the company Elma abroad, so I exported through ETSY Platform, where I achieved great success in a very short time. ETSY has given me the status of a star seller, designed for specialty stores which indicates to the buyer about fast and great customer experience. My motivation is the satisfied customers who have already joined our ranks and become active and loyal customers of our product.

How do you go about marketing your business, and what has been the most successful form of marketing for you?

The biggest marketing calculation I did was to find a source of funding and rebrand Elma. In a short time, I have created a visual of the product that does not fall short of the successful and recognized brands in the cosmetics market.

What are your plans for the future, how do you plan to grow this company?

As for the company's goal and future plan, I am going to increase production and adjust it for people of any opinion. Achieving success in the Georgian market and actively exporting abroad. Increase awareness by attending exhibitions and invitations. We are not going to stop. It is important for me, first of all, to establish ourselves in Georgia, to popularize our country abroad, and to increase sales.