Posted: 1 month ago

British Startup with Georgian Operational Director Keeps Growing with $750,000 Investments

PCL Health, the British Health-Tech startup with a Georgian operational director keeps growing with investments of $750,000, after the closure of the first investment phase.

Georgian operational director Giorgi Asatiani also holds a stake in the company. PCL Health is an innovative B2B SaaS company developing digital health monitoring and managing platforms. PCL enables customers to digitally control the health condition of their parents and relatives and timely resolve the expected problems with the support of the system participant doctors. The platform’s digital ecosystem comprises mobile applications for patients and relatives, an online portal for doctors, TAB product for aged people, and touch-screen appliances for constant measurement and control of health conditions. Tornike Asatiani joined the company in September 2019, after he graduated from London Business School’s business administration faculty with an MA degree.

Shortly, he has employed in a full-time position thanks to the network of university graduates. His functions are: operational management of the company, attracting investors, preparing investment documents (business plans, financial forecasts, and so on) and selling the company views to investors. On August 31, 2021, the company successfully closed the first investment phase (SEED) and keeps growing and attracting corporate clients. Detailed information on the company is available on