Posted: 1 month ago

Untitled Gallery Introduces New Publication - Bazaar Gazette

Untitled Gallery Tbilisi is pleased to introduce a new publication "Bazaar Gazette" with the support of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial.

The project is created by Onur Ceritoglu and Giorgi Rodionov. The first part of the project was established in 2020.
"We presented our research in two activities for the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial: Samgori Market tour “Third Brother’s Letter“ and Bazar Talk “Archive works on Tbilisi markets”. Now, Bazaar Gazette will bring together what we debated. We would like to represent our discussion topics on bazaar and markets in Tbilisi in a publication format that includes transcriptions of Bazaar Talk and some new interpretations. We kindly invite you to our gathering at Untitled Gallery Tbilisi.", announces Untitled Gallery.
The presentation of the publication will be held at 4 PM, 19th of September at Untitled Gallery Tbilisi in Isani Iunkerebi 1/12.