Posted: 1 month ago

SOCAR Loads First Tanker with Bitumen from Kulevi Oil Terminal

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) has loaded the first tanker with bitumen from its own oil terminal in Kulevi on Georgia’s Black Sea coastline. Thus, Kulevi Oil Terminal has become the region’s first and only platform for reception and loading bitumen on tankers.

“The Terminal has implemented a new project for building thermo-oil heating boilers, technological pipelines, heat up appliances and machinery for unloading bitumen, pumping station for loading bitumen. Furthermore, bitumen storage reservoirs are provided with heat up and insulation systems. All technological pipelines are equipped with heat up systems for keeping necessary temperature for unloading and loading bitumen products”, the SOCAR’s statement reads.

Kulevi Oil Terminal was put into exploitation in May 2008, while transportation of oil products started in June 2008.