Posted: 1 month ago

TSIKOLIA WATCHES to Introduce Four to New Models by 2022

Prominent Georgian designer Zvid Tsikolia will introduce four new models by the end of 2021.

“At this stage, we have been designing a new model of the Pilot Watch line”, Zviad Tsikolia told business partner.

The first watch produced in Georgia and named after his spouse Marina turned popular among customers. Initially, Tsikolia produced only 100 Marina watches and all of them were sold out.

The mass production will start in a year, Tsikolia noted. ‘Before, an additional batch of Marina watches will be issued soon”, Tsikolia added., Prices of Marina watches ranged from GEL 1,400 to GEL 1,500, but prices may rise, because raw materials turn expensive. We remind you that Tsikolia Watches is a Georgian brand of watches designed and assembled in Switzerland.